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From chaos can come clarity

Brett Lindstrom the Brand Manager for Lake Cycling approached me on creating a design based on his blog Suffermechanism. Reading into his blog and his travels in cycling he spoke on the challenges in life. The ups and downs, drive, pursuit, failure and success. As I sat in front of my sketch pad a very powerful image came into my mind. The radiating rings in various sizes and shapes represent everything going on in our life. Each ring is simple but as pieces begin to stack and intersect "life" becomes more complex. The lines converge into a mountain range and eventually to a straight line. Cycling provides the opportunity to think, reflect and gain clarity on the various "radiating rings of life".

In the words of Brett Lindstrom - "The SUFFERMECHANISM exists in all of us, turning it off is the hard part."

From chaos can come clarity.

When I first started cycling I had heard a quote from the original Rapha Continental Movie from Arron Erbeck that still sticks true.

"I'm my purest sense of myself when I'm riding"

Featured on the outside of the left shoe is a picture from the Taiwan KOM challenge and on the inside of the shoe is the California coast line bringing back a little bit of home for Brett.

Check out how the final design came out on the Lake Cycling CX332's!

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