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Playalinda x Ross Piper Designs - Coast to Coast Adventure Ale

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Playalinda Brewing Company has teamed up with Ross Piper to create the cyclist’s dream brew! The Coast-to-Coast Adventure Ale is the 1st of a series of cycling inspired brews that bring together two of Florida’s favorite things, the exploration of cycling in Florida and Florida Craft beer. Coast-to-Coast Adventure Ale Label Illustrator, Ross Piper, is an Architect by day and an Artist by night. Piper’s world travels have led him to experience amazing places, cultures and people that are an inspiration to his art. He is an avid cyclist and blends art and cycling with custom one of a kind painted cycling shoes, helmets, and bikes as well as other art on a multitude of platforms sent around the world. Piper struck inspiration when visiting Playalinda Brewing Company – Brix Project while working with Barn Light Electric on an Architectural project. Bryan & Donna Scott and Piper discovered their connection in a shared love craft beer, for the outdoors, and cycling. The idea was born to combine all of our passions into the cycling series. Piper wanted to design something that could help other gain a greater love for cycling, exposure to a new crowd for both Playalinda Brewing Company and himself. Piper felt this might be the greatest opportunity to highlight one of the greatest biking trails in Florida, the Coast-to-Coast Trail. For those who might not be familiar with this extensive trail, it is a 250-mile biking trail that connects the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. For those who have attempted or completed this trail, cheers to you! Now let’s talk about the beer! After inception, Brew Master, Ron Raike, joined the team to make the idea a reality. Ron also has a deep passion for cycling, often using his custom bicycle for his morning commutes to the brewery. Coast-to-Coast Adventure Ale is an easy drinking copper ale ideal for after a long ride. At 4.8% ABV, it’s perfectly balanced to be the ultimate post-cycling refreshment. The bike on the artwork is sketched to resemble Ross’ custom painted Allied Cycle Works - Able gravel bike. The artwork is completely hand drawn, from the palm trees, down to the script. Take a close look at the background image and you’ll notice the progression of city scape, just like the coast-to-coast trail, from Tampa to Titusville. This brew makes its debut in 12 oz cans August 2020. “From the Gulf, across forests, through the land of the mouse, with the ocean as your destination. Pack you gear, beer, and prepare for your coast-to-coast adventure.” Happy cycling!

Playalinda Brewing Company article that this was taken from in link below:

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