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3T x Ross Piper Designs "Get Creative" Series - Strada RTP

Honored for another opportunity to work with 3T on their "Get Creative" Artist Series but this time with the Strada 1x RTP frame. The "Ready to Paint" (RTP) frame is an option 3T offers and comes primed and ready to start your own personal creation. Basically once design is done up you can hit the ground running. 3T show cases what is possible on this blank canvas with the "Get Creative" series. Check out the other artists creations on their website and blog.

Waiting for the frame to arrive, I began sketching and brainstorming some ideas and the color palette. When I received the Strada frame, I had actually never seen one in person. The flowing aerodynamics and frame shape along with being the 1x only drive-train definitely makes the frame unique and wanted my design to compliment. The "idea" sketched below is some realistic, mashed with my own Tuscan day dream. The sketch is based on Volterra, Italy where I used to live during school for Architecture, Design, Sculpting (And cooking, drinking and cycling) When I opened up the packaging (which is super cool using a 2 piece capped frame box with rope handle) I knew that the design I had sketched up was perfect for the frame.

Io Sono Etrusco

"I am Etruscan"

Next developing the color palette with the basis sketch. The idea of using the "Olive Green" into a frame has been in my head for a while, but waiting on the right application. It seemed only fit using it on this "Tuscan Theme". A product was released from a company called "Spray.Bike" while I was working on this design that mimicked metal plating. One of the colors released was a Bronze Gold. Immediately I knew that it would look amazing as the detailed line-work and logos for this project. As the sun hits the metallic aspect of the "BronzeGold" it illuminates the design from the olive green of the frame. To top it off - a Keirin Gold Flake Coat (Also a Spray.Bike Product) was used in the clear giving it that subtle sparkle once it hits the sun. Go check out their website and products.

Tying and meshing in some of the standard 3T graphics with my own design worked out really well on the frame. The design meshes into the main 3T logo on the down tube. The trademark Ross Piper signature on the top tube and the rose as the head-tube badge. The outside of the fork received the standard 3T graphic application but with a representation of the hills of Tuscany on the interior of the fork.

Photographing my way through the process from straight "Ready to Paint" out of the box, bronze gold base coat, applying the vinyl masking, adding the olive green, spraying the "gold glitter clear" to the final finish photos. Now to decide on the direction for the group set and components! I am really excited to see the look of the frame and how it evolves once the bike is fully built up.

A very big thank you to 3T for such a beautiful canvas and supporting artists around the world.

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