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Visca el Barca / 3T Exploro Frame Design

I was contacted regarding a project for a 3T "Team" Exploro from a cyclist and cafe owner in Barcelona. He had seen my "Topo di Torino" 3T Exploro with the "Get Creative" series on 3T's blog (Definitely check out that series!)and wanted a unique one of a kind design.

After some conversations via email regarding the design and some brainstorming based on his information and the ideas formed in my head, the sketch was created.

Now that the sketch had been agreed upon, it was time for a name. Traditionally I like giving names to all my frame designs. Juan had suggested "Visca el Barca" and immediately I knew that was the winner. Visca el Barca is a local Catalan saying meaning long live Barcelona.

After receiving the frame, some good elbow grease and a lot of sand paper (and a couple of beers) the original factory paint job was off and the frame was ready for priming and painting. As requested by Juan he wanted everything to be black and white and the design to be hand painted onto the frame similar to the hand pin striped design on the "Topo di Torino" frame.

Check out some pictures during the process and the final product. Can't wait to see this thing all built up and shredding all types of Roads around Europe or on display at the Bicioci Bike Cafe in Barcelona. If you find yourself in Barca, check out the Cafe and see this beauty for yourself!

Bicioici Bike Cafe Carrer de Venus, 1-3 Barcelona, Spain 08012

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