Goin' Coastal.

My good friend recently purchased a new beach cruiser which was all black and definitely not fit for the beach. Ross Piper Designs took that cruiser and pumped some beach vibes through it! Now all she needs is a coconut cup holder and she'll be ready to booze cruise!

Ross Piper Designs teams with Compass Research Cycling Team!

I was contacted by the Compass Research Cycling Team based in Orlando, Fl regarding a team design. In having TREK/Bontrager as a sponsor we decided to use the Ballista helmet with a custom team logo featured on one side of the helmet and the other to feature a custom design personalized to the rider. Below are a few of the helmets and shoes that were designed for the team. If you are looking for a great way to stand out in the peleton and add a personal touch, than a Team Design with Ross Piper Designs is the way to go!

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Be unique - Get an original Ross Piper Design!

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Orlando, Florida